Alex is the occasional cameo character in the webtoon "AnimaShaun"


Behind the ScenesEdit

Alex is based upon "Alexander Anderson". However the Alex in AnimaShaun is not just the animated version of Alex in real life, as many people might think. he is just roughly based on his personality and looks.

About AlexEdit

His full name is just "Alex". He was bron on the 20th of November 1997. He is just the comic relief character of the show. No real pupose. He'll just appear in the background or be in diguise or something. He has no lines and never will have any. His first appearence was in "Happy Birthday, Alex"

Alex is distent friends with Shaun, John and Daniel. However he never communicates or interacts with them when he sees them.


Alex is just a character developed from John's immaturity and craziness. He is comic relief and nothing more. He has no personality as such.


Alex head is a little longer than the other characters. and a littl epear shaped. His hair is long and black dangling down past his shoulders. His eyes are black. He is not skiny and quite fat. He is not much taller than Daniel.

He wear a black hoody and jeans. as well as black trainers.


  • Happy Birthday, Alex (2010)