Andrew used to be the secondary main character in the webtoon "AnimaShaun"


Behind the Scenes

Andrew was based upon "Andrew Paterson". However the Andrew in AnimaShaun was not just the animated version of andrew in real life, as many people may have thunk. he was just roughly based on his personality and looks.

About Andrew

His full name was not create so he is just "Andrew" and he was bron on the 8th of April 1997. He used to be the 3rd character of AnimaShaun but was kicked because he didn't seem too interested in the whole thing. His first appearence was in "The New Series!"

Andrew was best friends with Shaun and John before Daniel came along.


Andrew was usually bored and mature. He never really showed signs of happiness in the show. He seemed somewhat depressed but not in a sad way. He was intended as being quite intelligent. He appeared to hate most things.

Andrew's favourite colour was dark blue. this is why he wore his hoody


Andrew had a perculiar head. It was a half moon kind of shape. With a pointed chin and a curved inside. His hair was curly and brown. and his eyes were jet black. He was the tallest of them all by a long way but just as skinny as the others. In Shaun's drawing nowadays his head shape has changed a lot. Now instead of the half moon shape he has a flat chin and his head is sort of square.

He usually wore a dark blue hoody and jeans. As well as dark grey trainers.


The New Series! (2010)Edit

Andrew is introduced along with John for the new series.

In the morning (2010)Edit

Andrew sleeps all morning and wakes up in a daze.

Enter the gaming world (2010)Edit

Andrew, and John get with Shaun to race through the world of video games.

Run to the Hills: Music Video (2010)Edit

Andrew helps Shaun perform a music video for "Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills".

Happy Birthday, Alex (2010)Edit

Andrew helps Shaun wish Alex a happy brithday.

AnimaShaun: Xmas Special part 1 (2011)Edit

Last appearence fo Andrew. Andrew appears as a cameo in a window.


  • Andrew has never had a speaking part.
  • Andrew's head used to be a half-moon shape but now it is just a regular head shape... ish.