"AnimaShaun" is a webtoon found on Youtube by user "ShaunsBlogs"

Founded by:

Shaun Gordon


Shaun, John and Daniel


Shaun, John, and Rob

AnimaShaun is a small webtoon found on youtube by user: ShaunsBlogs

A history of AnimaShaun:Edit

AnimaShaun was founded by Shaun Gordon in early 2010, however at this point the name of the show was not AnimaShaun. AnimaShaun was just a silly pun intended to go at the end of each animation. “This has been an AnimaSHAUN!” Shaun originally wanted to call the show “Shaun’s Life” but when he found “Itschrislife” on YouTube he changed the name to avoid copyright. He had many ideas in minds but thought that AnimaShaun was effective so he made it the name of the show instead of just a pun.

The show’s pilot featured a playful stickman called Sticky. He was the original character of the show. He had no real identity and was just a simple stickman. His first appearance was in “Shaun’s first animation” and he couldn’t talk. Instead, he communicated through subtitles above his head. Sticky was later given up on shortly after his biggest role in “A sticky Music Video” which was also the first animation Shaun made with sound. His departure was explained as he was killed off. He was impaled, through the torso with an arrow, by John.

The idea of introducing human characters was inspired by many things such as: Beano, Simpsons, Eddsworld, Looney Tunes, and of course my good friend, Rob Johnston, who is the founder of Goldmarkshammer; the company that AnimaShaun is owned by. The first human character to appear was Shaun. He appeared in “A Shaun Short #1” where he had long hair and was poorly drawn what with Shaun still getting used to animating. The video was simply just about Shaun getting hit in the face with a brick.

Later afterwards, Shaun decided to add more people into the show. He feared that it was going to end up like Eddsworld but done it anyway as a risk. He introduced John, who was his best friend since they were very young. He made his first appearance in “NintenJohn World” which featured him dressing up as several Nintendo characters and pretending to be in the games. This marked Sticky’s death when John pretended to be Link from “The Legend of Zelda” and shot him with an arrow. John’s design was basically a blue hoody and blonde hair.

So, for a while it was just these 2. Shaun then decided to add Andrew into the show. He was also a close friend from school. His first appearance was in “In the Morning” which, in a nutshell, was about the 3 getting up in the morning. Andrew never really seemed interested in the show but tagged along anyway. However, after a while Shaun just cut him out because of his lack of interest. So then it was just back to Shaun and John.

A year passed in which several videos were and many accomplishments were made. Shaun also got a haircut. His hair was short and looked normal now. Shaun also first used voice acting. This was in a simple update video. He was telling his subscribers about upcoming videos. He had also joined “Goldmarkshammer” which was a small animating company by Rob Johnston. This had permanently associated AnimaShaun with Toon which was Rob’s show. Shaun had also made his first proper short. It was called “Rewind time”. It was basically about Shaun finding a time machine and Shaun and John going back through time to before the universe was created. This was one of Shaun’s proudest accomplishments at the time since it got him more viewers. Shaun and Rob had also worked on a project together. It was an advert for “Robots Everywhere” which was a small company about robots. This was AnimaShaun’s first private animation. Shaun had also started working on his first episode.

Daniel was introduced in late 2011 who was Shaun’s friend from high school. His first appearance was in “Halloween Short” in which Shaun, John and Daniel were killed by a masked, mysterious killer. His design has essentially a green hoody and black short spiky hair. He also has a 90 degree chin which was one of his key features. This created the trio who came to be known as Shaun, John and Daniel. Daniel has never voiced his own character though. He was always voiced by Rob Johnston.

In late 2011 as well, AnimaShaun made its very first episode. It was the Christmas special and only included John and Shaun. It was poor quality and the voices were very high pitched. It was basically about the duo saving Christmas from The Christmas Monster. Daniel had no major role in this episode but did appear as a cameo after the credits where Shaun and John ran to his house for protection.

In 2012 Shaun changed the character design a bit. He thought it was too much like eddsworld and had to avoid that. He first made John wear a blue T-shirt instead of a hoody and Daniel wore a green shirt. Shaun’s hair was also changed to be swept to the side.


In 2011 AnimaShaun made its very first "proper" episode, "AnimaShaun: Xmas Special part 1" with John. They had made several shorts before hand such as "Halloween Short" and "Rewind Time"

Charater Development:Edit

When AnimaShaun (AS) started the characters were very bland and very plain. They were supposed to be random wacky kids but over time they've branched out into different personalities:


Shaun is immature and quite innapropriate. he has an undying love for Cola and loves the colour red. He usually insults people and can be quite funny but it usually just ends up in him being an asshole


John is immature. He's more immature than Shaun and is a tad crazy. He likes the colour blue and is actually a nice guy. he is also rather stupid. It's not proper retarder but it's a cute naive kind of stupid.


Daniel is the balence of Shaun and John. He the opposite. he is very sensible and mature. he's a cool, nice guy and can have a laugh but is more serious than he is playful. He wears a green shirt and likes it.

Andrew: Edit

before Andrew left he was originally mature, uncaring and dull. there wasn't much to him. He wore a blue hoody and had a moon shaped face by nowadays in Shaun's drawings he wears a leather jacket and his face shape has changed a lot.


No-one knows how the characters will turn out in the future. And maybe there will be more characters.


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