AnimaShaun: Xmas Special Part 1
This is the very first AnimaShaun episode.


AnimaShaun: Xmas Special part 1 is the very first christmas special and the very first episode.


Shaun and John are trying to find a christmas present for Andrew. They finally decide on a TV and go back home. Shaun is sitting on the couch watching TV while John is dragging, what is probably the boxed up TV, across the floor. John announces that he is going to relax on the roof in "The spirit of christmas" and that's when he notices the Christmas monster on the rooftops.

Shaun is watching TV when John falls from the ceiling and tries to tell Shaun that there's something on the rooftops but he assumes it's just Santa. John proves Shaun wrong by showing him through the window. Shaun and John race to the "ShaunMobile" which is a sports car that can teleport, and teleport to the street where the mysterious figure is.

After John declares that the ShaunMobile was awesome they leave it and look up at the Christmas monster. John throws a pickled egg at him and knocks him over. Shaun thinks that he's pissed him off and he is unfortunatly right. He jumps down to the ground and roars at them causing Shaun to literally shit himself. The christmas Monster Tells them that he is trying to steal christmas to which Shaun and John run away.

John has an idea and gets a pickles egg launcher. He shoots Shaun with it to prove that it'll do some damage to which Shaun reponds "Ouch." The christmas Monster then tracks them down and states that he is going to kill them both. Shaun lets out a massive fart while John kicks him in the balls, knocking him unconscious.

he awakes a certain amount of time later only to find out he is tied to some traintracks. Before he can finish his sentence a train runs over him, squishing him. But Shaun and John hear something and the christmas monster bursts infront of them, covered in horrible scars and bruises. One of his eyes is out of its socket and his skin is a much darker green than before. (Being ran over by a train and standing up perfectly fine suggests that he is maybe immortal) Shaun and John scream in terror.

After the credits they run away over some hills to what we can only assume is Daniel's house since Daniel is standing behind them when they slam the door. Shaun's final statement is "oh... that was close".



  • Shaun as Himself
  • John as himself
  • Shaun as Christmas Monster
  • Shaun as guy on TV

Sound effects and musicEdit

  • Jingle bells on electric guitar
  • batman theme
  • PS2 start up noise

Secrets and cameosEdit

  • Ryan appears in one of the windows at the start of the episode.
  • A poster for "Carter Damm" (The band that Shaun's friend, Duncan, plays in) appears in the window when Shaun is talking to John
  • John mentions Andrew when Shaun and John are talking
  • The guy who says "Buy this!" on the advert on TV is holding a video game for the PS3 called "Random Game".
  • Shaun makes a reference to Batman twice. Once with the batman theme and once with the "Shaun-mobile"
  • "Watch AnimaShaun" is written in Grafiti on the wall behind the christmas Monster.
  • Andrew is seen through the window of the house behind the christmas monster.
  • Shaun has a moustache in one of the frames when he is talking to the christmas monster.
  • Daniel is standing behind Shaun and John right at the end.


  • In the opening credits it says "Staring" instead of "Starring".
  • Due to an animating error, the couch at the start of the second scene changes shape for no reason.
  • John isn't actually holding onto the TV box when he drags it across the floor
  • When Shaun, John and The Christmas Monster are talking Shaun and John are infrton of a blue background and the CM is infront of the houses. However when Shaun and John decide to run away it's the other way round.
  • When Shaun gets covered in soot from the gunfire, he just appears to be perfectly clean a few seconds later.


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