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AnimaShaun is a webtoon comedy found on Youtube by user "ShaunsBlogs". It's about 3 kids who live in this house and go through these wacky adventure together. The kids are called Shaun, John and Daniel.

Who are the Characters?Edit

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Shaun is the main character of AnimaShaun. He is very cheeky and sarcastic. However he's not too bright. He usually annoys his friends but he doesn't mean to, but he will do his best to save his friends when they're in danger. He is unable to understand that people have feelings and he doesn't know when he's being rude or innapropriate. He has a passion for blowing things way out of proportion and taking things too far. 

He has a fond love of coca-cola which is probably why his favourite colour is red. He is usually optimistic in life and can be lazy as he leaves everything for Daniel to clean up.

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John is the secondary main character, with Daniel, in AnimaShaun. He is like the comic relief of the series. He is really silly, funny and quite stupidd. He is the "Harlequin" of The AnimaShaun world. He is completly random and more immature than Shaun. John does seem to carry a lot of Shaun's personality traits such as him being usually happy, not so bright and random, only he's not so annoying and sarcastic.

John quite likes Irn Bru but not as much as Shaun likes coke. He is a christian but not a strong one. It only gets referenced a few times in the whole series. And he never talks about it.


Daniel is the secondary main character, with John, in AnimaShaun. Daniel is almost the opposite of Shaun and John. He is very mature and sensible. He is also inteligent and quite cunning. He's the one who always comes up with the escape plans, attack plans and just plans altogether. He can take a joke and can have a laugh but he never does anything random or crazy like the other 2. Daniel usually cleans up after Shaun but he doesn't really mind since he like to live in a clean environment. He is also a good cook. He couldn't be a chef but he can make a good meal.

Daniel has no particular favourite food. He is the tallest and oldest out of the 3 and that makes him somewhat superior. He sometimes treats Shaun and John as if he's their older brother, since he usually tells them to shut up when they're being annoying.

What's new?Edit

There are a few various things being planned this year and next year and stuff. These are:


  • Dude, where's my dignity? (2013) Shaun and John begin fighting over Daniel's cousin who comes to stay but who will get her in the end?
  • AnimaShaun: Xmas Special Part 2 (2013) The Christmas Monster is back and he's kidnapped Daniel Can John and Shaun save him before it's time fore dinner?
  • Untitled Episode: The guys get a new pool but things don't turned out as planned when it all goes hideously wrong.
  • Journey to the Mirror (2013/14) The guys find themselves in an alternate dimention where eveything is opposite. Not only that but they meet their evil selves.

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