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Ben is a character from "Toon". He is played by "Ben Joel" and very much based on him.

About BenEdit

Ben is a chracter that isn't even from the AnimaShaun franchise. He is the main character from "Toon" which is a webtoon series created by "Rob Johnston" He made his first appearence in "Toon" in

"The six" which was a short animtion telling the viewers about the upcoming series of Toon. Although due to Rob Johnston has claimed that many of the characters are being changed for version 2.0 of "Toon".

One fact not known to many viewers is that Ben is the oldest Toon character still in activity. The character Ben was one of the original characters in a webtoon called "Rob and Ben's awesome adventures" made by "Rob Johnston" and "Ben Joel".


Not much is known about Ben's personality except he seems to be calm yet destructive when the situation calls for. Ben is considered the muscle of the Toon group and a good backup for any situation.

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Version 1.0 Ben


Ben wears a green hoody, has long blonde hair (again only from verison 1.0 sources) and blue eyes. Although it is not commonly known that the character Ben used to wear a grey hoody which can still be seen in some older episodes.