Calum version 2.0
Version 2.0 Calum

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Behind the ScenesEdit

Calum is played by "Calum Elliott" and very loosly based upon him too.

About CalumEdit

Calum is the third character in the webtoon series "Toon" and has a noticiable likeness to "Tom" from the Webtoon series "Eddsworld" which "Rob Johnston" "Toon's" creator say's "Oh yea, wow....better change that.".


Calum has a very Vindictive, cunning and cruel personality, god knows hasnt managed to kill the others yet. It is unknown why Calum has such a short temper and is considered quite mean but could be narrowed down to th

e fact that his voice actor (who he is very much styalised over) is very much like that.


Calum pic

Version 1.0 Calum

Calum has black or no eyes, neither one has been confirmed and short black hair. He wears a blue hoodie. His version 2.0 look is differs as he seems to have eyes however one is gone and covered by an eyepatch.