The Christmas Monster
The Christmas Monster is the bad guy from the webtoon "AnimaShaun"


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Chritmas Monster is played by "Shaun Gordon" and based upon "The Christmas Grinch"

About The Christmas MonsterEdit

Nobody knows much about The Christmas Monster, except that he is the "Bad Guy" in the AnimaShaun world. He made his first appearence in "AnimaShaun: Xmas Special Part 1" where he tried to steal christmas only to be found out and Killed by Shaun and John. When he got ran over by a train he stood up with bruises, cuts and an eye out of socket but he seemed perfectly able to stand, suggesting that he is immortal.

He has no friends.


The Christmas Monster is pure evil. He tried to steal christmas and threatened to kill Shaun and John. here isn't much else to add to that.


The Christmas Monster has green skin and a stretch out head wiht a pianted chin. He has pure red eyes and giant fangs. He also has a pointed nose and is the only character with ears. His hands have 3 pointed fingers.

He wear a green coat, green trousers and a brown belt. He also wears a green santa hat and brown leather boots.


  • AnimaShaun: Xmas Special part 1 (2011)

Memorable QuotesEdit

  1. I am the christmas... MONSTER!