Halloween Short
This is the very second Short.


Halloween Short is the first Halloween Special and the second Short. First being "Rewind Time"


Shaun and John walk out of a allyway looking a little tipsy They had just been to a party. They both depart and go home John goes 1 way and Shaun stays where he is. Then he hears some footsteps. He looks to his left and asks if there's anyone there. He gasps in surprise and exclaims "You???" But before we can find out who he is a ninja star comes from the side of the screen and decapitates Shaun.

The Scene cuts to Daniel sitting in his house watching TV. Then out of Nowhere there's a gunshot. And Daniel gets a wound in his head. Then there's a second one in his head but lower down and he falls to the ground.

The Scene finally cuts to John, still looking a little tipsy, standing at a bus stop whistling. He stops and some fast footsteps can be heard. Then the screen goes black and when the shot comes back Johns face is completly mangled against the pole of the bus stop and there's blood all over the wall behind him, the pole and bus stop sign. Then the shot pans to a masked man with a ninja star (The Killer) and says "Ha! That's what you get for making a crappy halloween special".



  • Shaun as himself
  • Jarak (TalkingLemons) as The Killer

Music and Sound EffectsEdit

  • Sonic the Headgehog (Mystic Cave zone)
  • Disco Music
  • Sword SFX
  • Gunshot SFX
  • Lightning SFX

Secrets and cameosEdit

  • John is Whisling the AnimaShaun jingle.
  • It says "A guy was here" on the pole in graffiti
  • It says "Goldmarkshammer" on the the wall in graffiti