John is the secondary main character from the webtoon "AnimaShaun"

First Appearance:

NintenJohn World

Voice Actor:

John Redpath


Blue T-Shirt and Jeans

Behind the Scenes

John is played by "John Cheesy Randomness" and is based upon him too. However the John in AnimaShaun is not just the animated version of John in real life, as many people might think. He is just roughly based on his personality and looks

About JohnEdit

His full name is "John Redpath" and he was born on the 10th of May 1997. He is the secondary main character of the show along with Daniel and he made his first appearence in "The world of NintenJohn" when he went through the Nintendo world dressed as he different characters.John is like the comic relief of the 3.

John's best friends are Shaun and Daniel. He treats them with loyalty and respect... sometimes.


John is quite crazy and random. He is the Harlequin of the AnimaShaun world. He comes out with silly phrases and words. He isn't very smart either. He is never really upset or sad. Even in great danger. John appears to carry a lot of Shaun's personality traits such as him being childish and rather stupid.

John's favourite food are pasta, and Irn Bru. John is a christian but not a strong one at that. This is only reference briefly at times. it does not come up much at all. His favourite colour is blue just like his hoody.

Nobody really understands what goes on in John's head.


John's head is very simalur to Shaun's. Except it is a little thinner. His hair is a slightly dirty blonde and his eyes and jet black. He is shorter than Shaun and a tad thinner too. It's hardly noticable though. He is quite athletic and has a six pack.

John's default choice of clothes is a light blue hoody, jeans and red trainers.

Hobbies and SkillsEdit

John has some hobbies but very little skills. These include:


  • Footballing
  • Video Gaming
  • Watching TV
  • Interneting


  • Video Gaming
  • Footballing
  • Defying the laws of physics


John lives in a 1 story house with Shaun. It is on a street called "Awesome street" and the house number is 10 (after the year that AnimaShaun started: 2010) It has 7 rooms:

Living Room

The living room has green walls, a 3 seater couch, a medium sized TV and is the first room you enter when you walk through the front door which is red. It leads of into the bathroom, hallway, kitchen and garage.


The kitchen has a tiled floor and wooden walls several brown counters, a cooker, a fridge and various small appliances. There a dining table in the middle of the room with 4 chairs at it. It is connected to the hallway, bathroom and living room but is only connected to the living room and hallway.


The bathroom walls are tiled blue and the floor is tiled black and white. There is a toilet a sink and a shower. It is next to the kitchen and living room but only joins to the living room.


Hallway has the same pattern layout as the living room and has several picture of friends and family on the walls. It is connected to John's room, shaun's room, the kitchen, the garage and the living rooom

Shaun's RoomEdit

Shaun's room is red all over, highlighting his preference of the colour red. It has a single bed, a computer, a wardrobe and a drawing board. It leads of into the hallway only.

John's RoomEdit

John's room is light blue all over, highlighting his preference of the colour light blue. It has a single bed, a treadmill, a wardrobe and a fish bowl. It only leads to the hallway


The garage contains Shaun's car "The Shaun-mobile" which is a red convertable which can teleport) and some random work stations and tool lockers which never ever get used. It is connected the living room, hallway and outside.


The New Series! (2010)Edit

John's first appearence. He and Andrew joins with Shaun in preparation for the upcoming series.

The World of NintenJohn (2010)Edit

John in trapped in a nintendo world and has to find the way out traveling through many franchises.

In the morning (2010)Edit

John wakes up and has some Coco-pops. Then he watches his fish.

Enter the gaming world (2010)Edit

John, Shaun and Andrew to race through the world of video games.

Run to the Hills: Music Video (2010)Edit

John, Shaun and Andrew do a music video for "Iron Maiden:Run to the Hills". John plays drums.

Happy Birthday, Alex (2010)Edit

John helps Shaun give Alex a happy birthday.

Rewind Time (2011)Edit

John and Shaun travel throughout time to before the big bang. He has no speaking parts in it.

AnimaShaun Montage (2011)Edit

A steady beats introduces a random collection of scenes from past AnimaShaun videos.

Halloween Short (2011)Edit

John is standing at a bus-stop and has his head smashed against the pole with blood splattering on the wall.

AnimaShaun: Xmas Special Part 1 (2011)Edit

John helps Shaun in succeeding in saving christmas from "The Christmas Monster"... for now.

Memorable quotesEdit



  • John is a born christian however it never gets mentioned in the show. Only seen as cameos.
  • John is loosely based off of his real life counterpart, John Redpath .
  • John is surprising skilled at swimming.
  • John carries the stereotypical "blonde is stupid" trait