Shaun is the main Character from the webtoon "AnimaShaun"

First Appearence:

A Shaun Short #1

Voice Actor:

Shaun Gordon


Red Hoody and Jeans

Behind the Scenes

Shaun is played by "Shaun Gordon" and is based upon him too. However the Shaun in AnimaShaun is not just the animated version of Shaun in real life, as many people might think. he is just roughly based on his personality and looks.

About Shaun

His full name is "Shaun Coca-cola Awesomeness" and was born on the 7th of March 1997. He is the main character of the show and made his first appearance in “A Shaun short” when he was hit by a brick causing his stupid and irritating traits he has today .

Shaun's best friends are John and Daniel. However he treats them like crap at times, but in a humorous manner so that's ok.

Shaun owns a car named "The Shaun-Mobile" which is a red convertable which can teleport. Nobody knows how the hell he got it considering that he has no job and no such car exists.


Shaun is a simple and innocent character, in his own way. He's not too bright but can be quite brave when he has to. He is usually optimistic about everything and he usually annoys people, but he doesn't mean to. He is really sarcastic and innapropriate. He can't grasp simple premises and is unaware of when he is being rude.

He is addicted to cola. This has been highlighted in most episodes. However he HATES pepsi. People think that this is stupid because they taste the same but Shaun sees a difference.

Shaun does not believe in any religion since he thinks It's utter shite. This doesn't come up much in the show since it might offend christians who can't take a joke. Shaun's favourite colour is red, hence his red hoody he always wears. It could be a mild reference to love of cola.

Shaun is quite immature and acts like a child as a result of that. He is often quite lazy too and leaves things behind his arse for other to clean up. metaphorically and literally.


Shaun's head resembles a circle but has a straight edge. This edge was caused by the brick hitting him in his first appearence "A Shaun Short". His hair is jet black and so are his eyes. He is relatively skinny and not very muscular or strong.

Shaun's default clothes are a red hoody with blue jeans and dark red trainers.

Hobbies and Skills

Shaun has many hobbies and has gained many skilled throughout the series. These include:


  • Skateboarding
  • Cola-ing
  • watching TV
  • Playing video games
  • Sleeping


  • Making Cola.
  • Skateboarding
  • Video Gaming
  • Shooting portal guns


Shaun lives in a 1 story house with John. It is on a street called "Awesome street" and the house number is 10 (after the year that AnimaShaun started: 2010) It has 7 rooms:

Living RoomEdit

The living room has green walls, a 3 seater couch, a medium sized TV and is the first room you enter when you walk through the front door which is red. It leads of into the bathroom, hallway, kitchen and garage.


The kitchen has a tiled floor and wooden walls several brown counters, a cooker, a fridge and various small appliances. There a dining table in the middle of the room with 4 chairs at it. It is connected to the hallway, bathroom and living room but is only connected to the living room and hallway.


The bathroom walls are tiled blue and the floor is tiled black and white. There is a toilet a sink and a shower. It is next to the kitchen and living room but only joins to the living room.


Hallway has the same pattern layout as the living room and has several picture of friends and family on the walls. It is connected to John's room, shaun's room, the kitchen, the garage and the living rooom

Shaun's RoomEdit

Shaun's room is red all over, highlighting his preference of the colour red. It has a single bed, a computer, a wardrobe and a drawing board. It leads of into the hallway only.

John's RoomEdit

John's room is light blue all over, highlighting his preference of the colour light blue. It has a single bed, a treadmill, a wardrobe and a fish bowl. It only leads to the hallway


The garage contains Shaun's car "The Shaun-mobile" which is a red convertable which can teleport) and some random work stations and tool lockers which never ever get used. It is connected the living room, hallway and outside.


A Shaun Short (2010)Edit

The first appearence of Shaun. It's about him getting smacked in the face with a brick causing his idiotic and irritating personality traits he has today. Before this, he was supposedly intelligent and kind-hearted. The source of the brick is unknown.

The New Series! (2010)Edit

Shaun get's teamed up with John and Andrew in preperation for the new line of characters after Sticky's death.

The World of NintenJohn (2010)Edit

Shaun is seen as a cameo in the bottom left corner of the donkey kong part.

In the morning (2010)Edit

Shaun wakes up and makes a becon sandwhich. He then goes on to watch "The Simpsons"

Enter the gaming world (2010)Edit

Shaun gets together with John and Andrew to race through the world of video games.

Run to the Hills: Music Video (2010)Edit

Shaun, John and Andrew performs a music video for The Iron Maiden song: "Run to the Hills".

Scuart Nosust Mercimus (2010)Edit

Shaun says "Scuart nosust mercimus" which backwards says "Subscribe to ShaunsBlogs" as an attempt of subliminal messaging.

Elements Song (2010)Edit

Shaun performs a music video for "The Elements Song"

Happy Birthday, Alex (2010)Edit

Shaun appears in black and white form to wish hi friend, Alex, a happy Birthday.

AnimaShaun - The Letter (2011)Edit

Shaun open up an envolpe to find a literal letter inside as a cringworthy pun. The first animated version of one of his comics.

EmotiShauns (2011)Edit

Shaun mimics a bunch of random emoticons

Rewind Time (2011)Edit

Shaun fins a time machine and goes back in time to before the big bang.

Welcome to insanity (2011)Edit

Shaun spins on a circle with flashng lights along to the "Mario Starman" song.

AnimaShaun Montage (2011)Edit

A steady beats introduces a random collection of scenes from past AnimaShaun videos.

Nyan Shaun (2011)Edit

Shaun flies through space, crapping rainbows, spoofing "Nyan Cat"

Halloween Short (2011)Edit

Shaun is brutally mudered by an unknown killer.

AnimaShaun: Xmas Special (2011)Edit

Shaun succeeds in saving christmas from "The Christmas Monster"... for now.

Memorable Quotes

  2. (Gasp) You!
  3. Let's go back... IN TIME!


  • Shaun's hoody is red to reference his love of Cola.
  • Shaun is loosely based off of his real life counterpart, Shaun Gordon.
  • Shaun got a haircut only because Shaun Gordon got one in real life.
  • Shaun has been described as: "What you get when you stuff Edd from Eddsworld, Nathan from Misfits and Fry from Futurama in a blender."