The AnimaShaun House
A rough picture and some blueprints of the house that Shaun and John live in.


The AnimaShaun house is the house that Shaun and John live in. It is a 1 storey house with 7 rooms including a garage. The walls are a creamy peach colour and the door is bright red with a yellow letterbox and handle. The house number is 10 which is named after the year that AnimaShaun started (2010). The house is located on a street called "Awesome Street". The roof is just a simple red roof.


Living RoomEdit

The living room has green walls, a 3 seater couch, a medium sized TV and is the first room you enter when you walk through the front door which is red. It leads of into the bathroom, hallway, kitchen and garage.


The kitchen has a tiled floor and wooden walls several brown counters, a cooker, a fridge and various small appliances. There a dining table in the middle of the room with 4 chairs at it. It is connected to the hallway, bathroom and living room but is only connected to the living room and hallway.


The bathroom walls are tiled blue and the floor is tiled black and white. There is a toilet a sink and a shower. It is next to the kitchen and living room but only joins to the living room.


Hallway has the same pattern layout as the living room and has several picture of friends and family on the walls. It is connected to John's room, shaun's room, the kitchen, the garage and the living rooom

Shaun's RoomEdit

Shaun's room is red all over, highlighting his preference of the colour red. It has a single bed, a computer, a wardrobe and a drawing board. It leads of into the hallway only.

John's RoomEdit

John's room is light blue all over, highlighting his preference of the colour light blue. It has a single bed, a treadmill, a wardrobe and a fish bowl. It only leads to the hallway


The garage contains Shaun's car "The Shaun-mobile" which is a red convertable which can teleport) and some random work stations and tool lockers which never ever get used. It is connected the living room, hallway and outside.


The Front garden has a stone path leading to both the front door and the garage door. There's also a path that leads round to the back garden. There's very little in the front garden.

The back garden contains a pool which only John uses due to Shaun being hydrophobic. It also has a barbeque and a tramploline which both use. Only Shaun uses the barbeque since John is really bad at cooking.

Major AppearencesEdit

  • Rewind time (2011)
  • Halloween Short (2011)
  • Xmas Special Part 1 (2011)