The Killer
The Killer is the serial killer of the webtoon "AnimaShaun"


Behind the ScenesEdit

The killer is voice by "Jarak Livings (TalkingLemons) and is loosly based around him too

About The KillerEdit

The killer is a character that first appeared in "Halloween Short". He killed Shaun, Daniel and John when they were alone. Not much is known about this character as he is quite mysterious, however Shaun appeared to recognise him. His choice of weapons are guns, ninja stars and sharp blades.


He wears only a black ninja uniform that covers his entire body with matching gloves. His uniform is detatched at the head and wrists. And a pair of glasses and angry eyebrows which highlight Jay's character.


  • Halloween Short (2011)

Memorable QuotesEdit

  1. Ha! That's what you get for making a crappy halloween special