Toon version 2.
Version 2.0 Toon

Toon is the main character from the webtoon "Toon"

Behind the ScenesEdit

Toon is played by "Rob Johnston" and very loosly based upon him too.

About ToonEdit

Toon is a character that isn't even from the AnimaShaun franchise. He is the main character from "Toon" which is a webtoon series created by "Rob Johnston" He made his first appearance in "Toon" in "The Six" which was a short animation telling the viewers about the upcoming series of Toon. His first appearence in "AnimaShaun" was in "Tribute To Toon"


Toon shares a few traits with Shaun from "AnimaShaun". Both of them have a good sense of humour, aren't TOO bright and are usualy quite immature. However Toon is somewhat of a "money maker" can earn money pretty quickly.


Toon drawn by Shaun

Toon loves Dr. Pepper. And his favourite colour is red, just like Shaun.


Toons face is just a simple round shape but his hair is really long a spiked up. He has something of a mullet too which fans out at the bottom. His eyes are black. Another little unknown fact is that Toons hair is actauly blonde and was dyed brown, this was revealed on "Coming Soon part 2" viewable on Metacafe. It may also be noted that Toon's nationality has changed several times but has been confirmed as South African.

Toon wears a red hoody and black trousers along with matching black shoes.



*The Six (2010)
Scene 1

A leaked image of Toon Version 2.0

  • Locoroco Dies (2010)
  • Oli's Adventure (2010)
  • Can The Banana Confirm? (2010)
  • Jono's Magic Cardboard Box (2010)
  • It's Really Not Christmas (2010)
  • Toon: Journey To South America part 1 (2010)
  • A Tribute To Toon (2010)
  • Toon: Journey To South America part 2 (2010)
  • Hypno Toon (2010)
  • Toon: Christmas Special (2010)
  • Toon: Journey to China (2011)

AnimaShaun EpisodesEdit

  • Tribute to Toon (2010)